Overcome problems of keeping windows above ground floor clean and tidy.
Enable safe and simple access to the external glass pane from within the building.
Unique slide and tilt action means the sash never protrudes inside the building leaving window sills free for use all year round.

Tilt & Turn windows are popular in apartment blocks and flats but are also suitable in a standard house. They are very practical as it makes it easy to clean the inside and outside of the windows that are located above ground floor level from within the property.

Anglo International’s reversible windows include child safety catches that limit the aperture meaning that a child cannot fall out of the window. This system allows the room to be well ventilated.

Tilt and turn windows provide a contemporary look to a property so are ideal in the modern home. We tailor make each window specific to your exacting requirements.

Another interesting feature is that when opening the window to clean it, it can be rotated 360% and remains positioned on the outside of the building so it does not intrude into the room.

Tilt and Turn Windows Gallery