Feature Benefits
Internally Beaded: High Security
Pilkington K Glass: High Thermal Efficiency
28mm Double Glazing: Sound and Heat Insulation
70mm Profile Thickness: Ease of Installation
Key Locking Handles: Extra Security

The most popular window style that we install is the casement window that opens out and then closes back in like a door and can be hinged either to the right or left.

There is a variation of the casement window known as the “awning window”. This swings upwards and, therefore, is top-hung. They are usually rectangular in shape and tend to be wider rather than being longer.

To reduce the possibility of a burglar removing the glass to gain entry to your home, we internally glaze our casement windows. All our frames are manufactured using 70mm uPVC that is extremely resistant to high impact making our casement windows even more secure.

Casement Window Gallery