Feature Benefits
Internally Beaded: High Security
Pilkington K Glass: High Thermal Efficiency
28mm Double Glazing: Sound and Heat Insulation
70mm Profile Thickness: Ease of Installation
Key Locking Handles: Extra Security
Compliant with document ‘L’ (part L) of building regulations

A bow window is best described as a curved bay window and is intended to generate more space and create the feeling of the room appearing bigger by protruding away from the property’s exterior wall. As an increased amount of light comes into the room it appears more elegant. Another benefit is that this results in being able to see more of the outside world so that you can, for instance, better enjoy your garden.

You are likely to see bow windows featuring more frequently in new build properties as they are becoming much more popular. Here at Anglo International, we are able to bespoke design, build and install a bow window to meet your exact requirements.


Bow Window Gallery