Feature Benefits
Internally Beaded: High Security
Pilkington K Glass: High Thermal Efficiency
28mm Double Glazing: Sound and Heat Insulation
70mm Profile Thickness: Ease of Installation
Key Locking Handles: Extra Security
Compliant with document ‘L’ (part L) of building regulations

A bay window creates more space in the room by projecting in an outward direction away from the main wall of a property creating a bay within the room. You will often come across a bay window in a lounge.

There are two types of bay window. The “circle” bay window is of a semi-circular shape and the “box” bay window is, as the name describes, shaped like a box. The later provides more floor space.

The windows create the illusion of a bigger room, make the room lighter as there is more glazing and enable the occupant to see more outside. A bay window can transform the look of a home from the outside.

Bay Window Gallery