FAS6The roofline of your property is exposed to all weathers such as the sun, rain and snow all of which can have a detrimental effect on wooden fascias and soffits. It is also extremely time consuming to look after the wood and the regular maintenance that is necessary can prove costly.

However, if the above are not properly maintained it can lead to other problems such as structural damage due to woodworm infestation and rainwater getting into the loft causing rot. Replacing your wooden fascias and soffits with uPVC ones will dispense with all the above issues and enhance the look of your property.

Roofline benefits include:

  • 10 Year Guarantee giving you peace of mind
  • A range of colours
  • A range of options to cater for different people’s budgets
  • Increase the home’s value and its look
  • Maintenance free so no need to be re-painted
  • Keeps water out and air in thus preventing rot
  • No more climbing dangerous heights

We will discuss your personal requirements and ensure that you have a roofline tailor-made to meet your wishes.

Having had the work completed you can put your paintbrush away.