Feature Benefits
70mm, 5 Chamber outer frame: Provides thermal and acoustic performance.
Steel reinforced outer frames: Provides greater strength, security and structural integrity.
Tough through coloured glass reinforced plastic skin on coloured door: Prevents cracking and is more resistant to scratching.
Grained effect door leaf in choice of colours: Offers stunning appearance of natural wood with a colour to suit any home.
Wide selection of traditional and contemporary glass designs available.
Fully coloured suited door furniture.

Composite Doors are actually imitations of wooden doors and also feel like timber doors. However, they will never require to be painted and are maintenance free.

The door is constructed with an outer skin made of fibreglass that is as hard as rock and then the inside of the door is filled with a material made up of dense foam. The composite doors from Anglo International are capable of retaining 8 times as much heat as a conventional wooden door. They will never discolour, bow, twist or warp.

Composite doors are often expensive but we believe that we can undercut the prices currently being charged by many of our competitors.

Composite Door Gallery